Guangzhou Eletree Electronic Company is found in 2008. First we worked on Bluetooth speaker, radios and MP4.

Anna(one of the founder), whose 2nd born child went to kindergarten in 2016, found her child preferred watching TV and playing Ipad more than reading books. She thought if a book just like an Ipad and had sound and games, it would be much more fun to the kids. Kids will love reading. Therefore, Mommy Anna who has rich electronics experience, started working on this idea. Then she found sound books just like what she want. She read sound books with her kid, and found her like reading than before. Mommy Anna thought other parents may have the same problem too. So Anna start devoting herself to the sound book, wishing other parents and their kids would like reading more too.

After 3 years of development , our team Eletree Company , has rich experience on sound books. We has a professional translating and dubbing team in 25 languages. we have developed many books in different languages from around the world, like English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Melayu, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, etc. We also develop different kinds of sound books, such as touch sound book, interacting sound book, sound control book, etc.  Book with more functions will be developed.


With ISO9001 and WCA certification, we promise to deliver our products and services with our highest quality standard.